For week four, I viewed an interview with Martin Waxman who owns his own PR agency in Toronto, Canada. He has based his agency on three pillars including: simplicity, energy and integrity. At the beginning of opening his agency he described media relations at being at the core of the agency but as time has continued social relations has moved to the forefront. Along with running his PR agency, he also runs a podcast that has an episode every week. Waxman felt that having a podcast is more personal to produce because you don’t have the same time to think about what you r going to say. You say what you’re thinking a d you can’t turn around and edit it like you can in a blog. The most he has to prepare himself for a podcast is a 45 minute talk session before filming about the things that they are going to discuss on the show. Waxman stresses the importance of blogging, podcast and Twitter to stay connected in the social media world. The most important thing that I learned from the interview was what he looks for in hiring new people. It’s important to have the basic and traditional skills that come with PR. I focus so much time and energy on what is new in social media and I forget to know the beginnings and where everything started. Also learning the importance of participating in blogs, podcast and Twitter, of my own and following up on people who are prominent in the industry. Know the important people of the business and what they are saying and what the comments are to the information that they are putting out. I want to learn about what skills are needed in the social media industry. I want to hear about how he started in the PR industry and the experiences he had. I also would like to learn more about his agency and what is involved in running your own PR business.


June 24, 2010. Topic of the Week, Uncategorized.

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