Chapter 3 Notes

Ethics and Professionalism

  • PR professionals have to take four things into consideration when dealing with ethics
  1. The public interest
  2. The employer’s self interest
  3. The standards of the public relations profession
  4. Their personal values
  • The largest public relations organization in the world is the Public Relations Society of America
    • It has 19 professional interest sections that represent such areas as: employee communications, counseling firms, entertainment and sports, food and beverage.
    • Has an extensive professional development program that offers short courses, seminars, teleconferences and Webcast
    • Holds am annual meeting and publish two major periodicals: Tactics and The Strategist
    • Codes for specific situations
      • Financial information- 12 point code of ethics keeps members responsible of exercising independent professional judgment, keeping track of company affairs, `and all investor laws and regulations, and ensuring full and fair disclosure.
      • Video News Releases- information contained in a VNR must be accurate and reliable, a video news release must be identified as such, the sponsor of the release must be clearly identified on the tape, and persons interviewed on the VNR must be accurately identified by name title and affiliation in the video.
      • A practitioner should have a sense of independence, a sense of responsibility to society and public interest, manifest concern for the competence and honor of the profession as a whole and a higher loyalty to standards.

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