Chapter 2 Notes

The Evolution of Public Relations

  • Julius Caesar was the first politician to publish a book, Commentaries, which was used to further his goals of becoming emperor of the Roman Empire.
  • The Roman Catholic Church was a major influence in PR throughout the Middle Ages and was among the first to use the word propaganda.
  • The Boston Tea Party is known as the best known publicity stunt of all time.
  • Amos Kendall was the first presidential press secretary to President Andrew Jackson. Was the first to use newspaper reprints in public relations
  • Samuel Insull

President of the Chicago Edison Company

Created a monthly customer magazine

Started the bill stuffer by inserting company information into customer bills

  • Henry Ford

America’s first major industrialist

Used the idea that credit and publicity always go to those who do something first and always be accessible to the press

  • Teddy Roosevelt

Made use of news conferences and press interviews

  • Ivy Lee: the first PR counsel

Led by Ivy Ledbetter Lee

Open Informational policy

  • Edward L. Bernays: Father of Modern PR

A new model of PR that emphasized the application of social science research and behavioral psychology to formulate campaigns and messages that could change people’s perceptions and encourage certain behaviors.

  • Women now make up 70 percent of practicitioners

Women find the field more welcoming

Women make more money in PR

Can start a PR firm without a lot of capitol

Have better listening and communication skills

More sensitive in facilitating two way communications


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